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Chase Cover Repairs

Chase Cover Repair

A chimney chase cover, or chimney chase top, is a metal cover on top of a wood-framed, pre-fabricated chimney chase structure. Chase covers are designed to seal the airspace and prevent water from entering the inside of the chimney chase. Most chimney chase covers are made of galvanized sheet metal and were installed when the homes were originally built. Unfortunately, galvanized chase covers have an average life of only 7 years. Heat from the fireplace and exposure to various environmental elements, especially rain, snow, and ice, contribute to the breakdown of the chase cover's galvanized coating. This causes it to rust and corrode over time. Not only is rust on a chimney's exterior unsightly, but if left unchecked, the rust wlll continue to deteriorate the chase cover eventually allowing water from rain and melting snow into your home, resulting in water damage to the interior components of the chinney and fireplace.

To help correct this problem, we offer two types of chase cover repair services. For chase covers having only surface rust and minimal corrosion, we provide resurfacing and resealing. In this repair process we remove the rust from the existing chase cover, then prime it with a good quality zinc primer or other primer recommended for use on galvanized steel, and finish coat it with an appropriate paint product. This can be an effective remedy and is less costly than a new chase cover replacement. However, as an alternative solution, and in situations where the chase cover is too deteriorated for repair, it can be replaced with a quality, stainless steel custom chase cover.


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