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Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections (watch video)

We provide 2 types of chimney inspection services in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 (NFPA 211):

Level I Inspection

A Level I inspection is the recommended level when an evaluation of the chimney system for continued service is needed and the conditions of use are not changing. This could include:
  • Routine or annual evaluations of the venting system

  • An appliance connected to the system is being replaced with a similar appliance

  • During routine chimney cleaning or sweeping
A Level I inspection is the most basic inspection and is a visual inspection conducted during each chimney sweeping. In a Level I inspection, we conduct a visual inspection of only those readily accessible portions of the venting system, and accessible portions of the connected appliance(s) and the chimney connection, on the day and time of inspection. It is not invasive or technically exhaustive, and cannot detect latent conditions or concealed defects. The inspector will check the readily accessible portions of the chimney, its enclosing structure, and the flue. A Level I inspection includes verification that the flue is not blocked or significantly restricted. The inspection covers the five basic component areas of a chimney/fireplace: Firebox, damper, smoke chamber, flue, and the top. The condition of other specific components is evaluated and reported where they are present, permanently installed, readily visible and accessible, and if applicable.

Level II Inspection

A Level II inspection is more comprehensive and includes a video scan of the interior of your chimney using state-of-the-art video camera equipment. In a video scan, we use a camera system which is lowered into the chimney (or pushed up from the bottom). The camera allows us to inspect the chimney from a range of just a few inches instead of just looking from the top or bottom. The camera image is viewed on a TV monitor by the inspector. Video inspections may be recommended if the customer or chimney sweep suspect certain problems. Video inspections are often recommended after a chimney fire or some other form of damage to a chimney, and are a routine part of a Level II inspection.
chimney video camera system         thick creosote buildup in chimney cracked flue liner

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